Bruce W. Tait, founder Tait Cabinetry & Woodworks, had a passion for creating things from wood at an early age. He received his first formal training in junior high school where the interest intensified where he won 1st prize for lathe work in a local contest. Bruce also helped with his father’s investment property business – doing his share of construction, maintenance and repair on many of the projects. Diverged from formal woodworking during college, Bruce received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Finance for California State University at Fullerton. He obtained a General Contractors license at the young age of 23 and also pursued a career in real estate and construction following college.

Never having lost interest for the creative aspects of woodworking and desiring to reignite the passion, Bruce’s future & current wife, purchased him a table saw for his birthday so he could build furniture for their 1st home together. Before long, he was acquiring additional pieces of equipment and tools to build furniture, cabinetry and performing finish carpentry projects for other family members and friends. Becoming disenchanted and burnt out in the real estate industry, his wife encouraged him to pursue his passion full time and make a career of it.

“Leaving the real estate industry was definitely a scary endeavor, but it was the best thing I have ever have done regarding my working career, as well as the personal gratification and fulfillment I receive when woodworking for myself and customers. With the support of my wife, I’ve never looked back. Now, there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not completely excited about getting up and pursing what I love. I’m always looking forward to the next project and am in constant pursuit of improving even the smallest of processes of cabinetmaking and woodworking. The diversity of projects, technological advances in the industry and constant pursuit of perfection is what helps to maintain my enthusiasm and interest for what I do.” – Bruce Tait