You can rest assured that your project will have “gone green” with respect to the final finishing as well. Like with our wood materials employed, it is our belief that we should protect our environment and ourselves throughout the “entire” production process including finishing. Depending on the required level of service for your project, we choose finishing products that meet the ensuing demands and always choose materials that exceed standard compliance with all laws and regulations. Low VOC, HAPS Free or Water borne products are always used, whether finishing is completed on site or in our shop. To ensure durability, clear and pigmented catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnishes or polyurethanes are used on all cabinetry and architectural woodwork.

Finishing Schedules

1. Clear coat natural
2. Stain & clear coat
3. Stain, glazing & clear coats
4. Pigmented & clear coats
5. Pigmented, glazing & clear coats
6. Distressing, sand through & crackle